7"+BOOK Yaacov Agam - Tast- und Tonbild
MC Alien Brains – Blatently Nihilist / British Interiors / Der Blaunke Teps / Totentanz / U.S.E. /
Menial Disorders
MC Anciem Regime – most
MC Barringtons - all
MC Karl Blake – The New Pollution / Tank Death
MC Cabaret Voltaire - Limited Edition
MC Clock DVA - Deep Floor
MC Criminal Party & MB - Verrückt LUNATIC PROPAGANDA TD-016 Jpn'87
MC Culturcide - Terse Tapes Australia Release #11
LP Francois Dufrene & Pierre Henry – Fragments pour Artaud
John Duncan - most MCs / Videos
MC Thomas Ellard – Stomach / Snappy Carrion (Terse Tapes)
MC Flower Perverts - all
7" Terry Fox & Joseph Beuys – Performance / Isolation Unit
7”+Catalogue Terry Fox & Joseph Beuys – Fish Fox Kos
MC Funeral Danceparty – The Attractions of Fixed Interest / The Curiosity Shop / Qweryuiop
Haiginsha - most
10" Pierre Henry – Le Martyre de Polycarpe et Ignace d’Antioche
7’’ Pierre Henry - Ma faim et vous / Le Petit Train / La Petite Etoile Trop Coquette /
L'occident est bleu - L'an 56
LP Ake Hodell - Law & Order Inc. / Where is Eldridge Cleaver?
EP Ake Hodell – Verbal Brainwash (Verbal hjärtvätt)
Toshi Ichiyanagi - most electronic works
MC David Jackman - Adrift/Ornament / Slow Music / Track EP / Flyer/Requiem /
Exodus/Third Fish / Music from a Cymbal / Aeroplane Records 6 / 8 / 9
MC Philip Johnson – most
7" Kerberos (= Ake Hodell) - General Bussing / Verbal Hjarntvatt
LP Milan Knizak - Destroyed Music 1963-79 (unique/handmade destroyed LP's & Singles)
LP Takehisa Kosugi - Headphone Concert
MC Leather Nun - at Scala Cinema
LP Desmond Leslie – Musique Concrete
7" Rune Lindblad - Single of '57
7” Ralph Lundsten – Fyra kompositioner / Andromeda A 1
MC MB – Nervo/Hydra / Blut / Examples of Cannibalism / other early tapes (only Originals)
MC Mnemonist Orchestra - Planeta 4
MC Monoplane - Guitar & Drums/5 Tracks
MC Monoton – all
LP Mytologinen Duo – Golden Age
LP Nam June Paik - My Jubelee ist unverhemmt
MC Sacher Pelz - most (only Originals)
LP Kurt Schwitters - An Anna Blume/Sonate in Urlauten (Lord's Gallery, London '58)
MC Severed Heads - Side 2
LP Sperm – same (Eteenpain GN3) / Samsa-Trio / One Point Music (ORLP035) / O. Williams
MC SPK/Voigt 465 - Live
MC Spratt & Livo - all
LP Telepathic Penis - Nostradamus, Rasputin & Jesus
LP Ben Vautier - Reve d'Amour, Music for La Monte Young
Vortex Campaign – all
3LP BOX VA - Electronic Music from York (YES)
7LP VA – Futura – Poesia Sonora (Cramps)
BOX Magic Mirror Movies (Red Raven) - full-color moving pictures on your record player!
MC VA - The Monochrome Underworld Compilation
MC VA – Not By Chance (FRUX)

I'm also interested in the following LABELS:

GB: A-Mission, Aeroplane, Black Dwarf, Broken Flag, CFC, Come Org., Daark Inc., Detrimental History Sound,
Distant Heat, Flowmotion, Frux, Groovy, Integrated Circuit, Iphar Tapes, Orgel Fesper Music, Papal,
Le Rey, United Dairies, Yes
US: Ace & Duce, Advance, Art Supermarket, Aspen, BYG, Candide, Castle, DYS, Fireworks, Folkways, Gate 5,
Irida, Just Another Asshole, LAFMS, Limelight, Local Anesthetic, Mainstream, Mass Art, Metalanguage,
Minona, Owl, Pigface, Record Sluts, Solid Eye, Sonnabend Gallery, Source, Spagyric
Cdn: Allied, Chimik Communication
Aus: Adhesive, Artist Inc., Dogfood, Doublethink, Innocent, M-Squared, Mirage, Present, Rash, Terse, 2 Tapes
F: Ades, d'Avantage, Arion, BAM, Boite a Musique, Celia, Ducretet-Thomson, Futura, GMVL, INA-GRM,
Musidisc, Perspectives Musicales, Philips(silver serie), Revue Axe, Revue Ou, Shandar, Unidisc, Vega
I: Ananda, Bla Bla, Cramps, If, Lynx, Multhipla, Radio Taxi
Jpn: Alm, AQM, Chaos, Engel, Eskimo, LSD, Mimic, Out Put, Pinakotheca, PSF, Rest, Supernatural, Termini,
2000 Maniacs, Unbalance, Vanity, Voice, YLEM
D: Colosseum, Dom, Edition X, Enjoy, Hundertmark, Dieter Roth Verlag, Selektion
A: Klewan, Monoton Produkt
B: Alpha, Igloo, IPEM, LAYLAH, Pavane
DK: GRY, Wilhelm Hansen Edition
Sw: Fylkingen, Kerberos, Piglet, Psychout, Sveriges Radios Förlag
Fin: O Records
E: Tic Tac

LP's by RADIOTAXI (I): 13-18 / MC's by YLEM (Jpn): 104-112; 203; 301-317

I'm looking for obscure Ambient-Noise, Musique Concrete, Sound-Poetry, Collage-Music, early Industrial,
early Experimental Music, strange/early Electronics, Sound-Sculptures, Electro-Acoustic Music, Atonal, Plunderphonics, Record-Objects, Musique Brut, Records of Aktionism/Fluxus/Happening/Dada/Futurism, Records released by Museums & Galleries.

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