Vegetarian Bavarian in Exile -

Ja soa Schmarrn

Watzmann 005
12" object in cake box
Vegetarian Bavarian in Exile - Ja soa Schmarrn.

Each copy with a miniature mountain on the one-sided vinyl.

<100/numbered> NL95
Sold out

  1. Ja soa Schmarrn
This sound-piece is Elke Skelter’s first solo project.
Elke Skelter is an ex-member of Mimir who also took part in the Legendary Pink Dots.
The music is compiled from samples of original ‘Volksmusik ‘ records,
but after a thorough proces of looping, cutting and distortion hardly recognizable as such.

The result is a 5-minute-long climate in the Heimat.
Each record carries a three-dimensional mountain with miniature figures (see the images).
All records are handmade, each mountain is different and each record will loop somewhere else,
when hitting the mountain.
hey are packed in full-colour silk screen-ed, 12-cm-high cake boxes
and released in a numbered edition of 100 copies.

Each record has a different handmade miniature mountain on top of it
An Yves Klein inspired version
A volcano eruption

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On holiday in the Alps
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