Af Ursin - Korale / Aurinko

Watzmann 007 7" EP

in metal special varnished cover
Af Ursin - Korale / Aurinko

<222/numbered> NL 97
Sold out

  1. Korale
  2. Aurinko
in luxury varnish-effect aluminum cover, abstract with a 3-dimensional depth;
each cover is different & I’m sure, you have never seen something like this;
as it was very expensive to make (each cover costs about EURO 10,- to make),
the price is relatively high, but when you see it, you’ll understand.
The music is comparable to Organum or the instrumentation of Keiji Haino
with a beautiful Belgian melancholy in it; if you get tired of the present day
David Jackman, Af Ursin will be the perfect substitute
Each handmade cover is different with a special effect varnish finishing
Listen to track 01 - Korale
this audio track is an excerpt in Mp3 format, mono, 22KHz, (sound quality is less than the original)