Erwin Stache -
Harmonie der nicht ganz reellen Töne

Watzmann 008 CD
The Digipack cover is a musical instrument, with booklet
Erwin Stache - Harmonie der nicht ganz reellen Töne
<2000> NL 98

EURO 19,- (ask for wholesale rates)

  1. Sammelsurium konkret
  2. Geatmet? ...spontan!
  3. Hörügel 2, für Vermonaorgel und 10 Realmaschinen
  4. Basset - Duett
  5. Harmonie - nicht ganz reell
  6. 11Uhr und 36, 37 Minuten
  7. Klangkästen - Domführung
  8. Stück für mechanische Zweifingerhand
  9. Der geognostische Streit, für gezogene Tonbänder
  10. Strobeltöner aus Metall, Klangzungenantenne
  11. Melodie im Versteck
  12. Quietschende Tür Nr. 27
  13. Tüten : 13 in 4
  14. Quietschende Tür Nr. 27 A

This first longplay-CD by Erwin Stache is in fact - in the tradition of both artist and label - not just a CD, but also a musical object. The cover - seemingly not much different from an ordinaw CD - is a unique musical instrument, which offers plenty of possibilities for playing. Thus, when the CD cover is opened, the listener is taken along in a musicat experience which continues while the CD is played. The 14 tracks give a good impression of Stache's highly varied oevre: an improvisation with piano and machines, a piece for mechanical two-finger-hand, a sound-box guide, screaming doors and time-announcements, hand-tracked sound-tapes, sounds wrapped up in paper bags, instruments like Klangzungenantenne, Strobeltoner, Horugel and Basset. All this passes within an hour's time and seduce you to intense and chuckling-amused listening, not unlike taking part in some kind of adventurous exploration
Those, who already experienced Ewin Stache live, know - or rather: don't know - what they can expect: something unexpectable, something crazy, but also something very fascinating. Erwin Stache is an eccentric designer, who unashamedly combines his child-like curiosity for experiences with his musical talent.
But also those, who "till now" have never heard of Erwin Stache, will be highly intrigued by the CD. The combination of the musical cover with a booklet that should not always be taken seriously, offers impressions rarely offered by a CD: impressions of wonder and recognition, astonishment and laughter, of curiosity.

Reviews of this release
Erwin Stache was born in 1960 and grew up in Leipzig in the former GDR. He is musician and designer and constructor of sound- and musical objects. During his study of physics and mathematics he discovered the combination of music, technology and electronics. Yet, despite all their technical refinement, Stache's electronic machines, electro-acoustic and mechanical instruments as well as his music radiate an old-fashioned charm.
Erwin Stache plays concerts for piano and selfmade instruments, does installations at unusual places, exhibits in galeries and cooperates in different projects also with other artists of different genres.
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