Idea Fire Company- Crusaders

Watzmann 010 LP
Idea Fire Company - Crusaders
<200/numbered> NL 98
Sold out
  1. Square of the Appalling Mobile (dedicated to Ivan Chtcheglov)
  2. Music for Haircuts (dedicated to Richard Labrie)
Theme of this release is "recycling";
very tense repetitive analog sounds create an impressive atmosphere
in the best tradition of IFC. Comparable to Organum or sort-a-likes.

Each record is individually packaged between two metal-masters
of old LP's, which can be played on your record player.

All this is covered in a thick recycled cardboard envelope.
So each owner of this LP is also the owner of the metal master of a LP.
2 scratches on these masters will prohibite you from using
it for a re-pressing.

The grey cardboard envelope contains two metal master-plates which hold the black vinyl 12" record
Listen to Square of the Appalling Mobile
this audio track is an excerpt in Mp3 format, mono, 22KHz, (sound quality is less than the original)