Vance Orchestra - 78 - 45

Watzmann 012
2x 10"
Vance Orchestra

<100> NL 03

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This second Rund um den Watzmann release by Vance Orchestra is nicely packaged in a cover designed by Mars Wellink, who is also a part of this cool collective. The rather abstract music is not pressed in good old vinyl this time. Especially for this production a new material was designed to carry the music. A thin, transparent layer has been added to vintage Shellac 78 rpm records. These layers carry the tracks made by Vance Orchestra. The result of this complex but unique process is that the new soundscapes are surprisingly under the influence of the original music.

One of the key ideas behind this project is recycling. Obviously, using old 78 rpm records as carriers is the ultimate way of re-using otherwise for many people unplayable records: The new tracks must be listened to at 45 rpm, the backside is still the original 78 rpm side.

Adding to the idea of recycling is the wonderfull handmade silkscreened cardboard fold-out cover. Several years of research and development resulted in a worthy follow up of the very succesfull Knoth box, one of the last Rund um den Watzmann releases.

Outside view of the cover folded open
The foldoutcover holds two beautifull silkscreened inner sleeves,
containing the recycled shellacs.
The recycled postcard insert
The ad
Listen to an exerpt of this release
this audio track is an excerpt in Mp3 format, mono, 22KHz, (sound quality is less than the original)