July 1st 2021:
There wil be no more catalogue updates on this website.


1st march 2005:

The december 2004 edition of the renowed UK magazine "Record Collector "
featured an article about Rund Um Den Watzmann and it's releases.

You can view the article here.

1st march 2004:

Finally a brand new Rund um den Watzmann release!
Check out this beautiful release by Vance Orchestra.

Additions in the section Watzmann releases:
A watzmann related release by DJ turnum added.
This is not a Watzmann release, but a mix bj DJ Turnum using only Watzmann releases.
It was released for the exhibition/presentation of Rund um den Watzmann
at 23 march 2003 at Gallery "De Gele Rijder" Arnhem (NL) and presented live at
www.avecom.nl together with a concert by Af Ursin and an exhibition of all Watzmann releases.