Various Artists - Tape a Break

VA - Tape a Break (Aube, Randy Greif, Small Cruel Party, Krybdyr,
Shlomo Arzti Orchestra, Lab Rat, Mike Hovancsek, Andrew McKenzie,
Edward Ka-spel, If,Bwana, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock)

Made in coöperation with the AVE-festival Arnhem

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  1. Aube - Undercurrent I/II (excerpt)
  2. Randy Greif - Thirteen Gates
  3. Small Cruel Party - Stain on pure glass (excerpt)
  4. Shlomo Arzti Orchestra - At V'ani
  5. Lab Rat - Experimental Transference Bisection (excerpt)
  6. Mike Hovancsek - Global Village Suite: Imaginary Swampland
  7. Edward Ka-Spel - The Colour Xhine
  8. If, Bwana - Pi = Sinbad (excerpt)
  9. Krybdyr - Musica Humana
  10. Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Scherzo / Erbrechspiel
  11. Andrew McKenzie - Het zou wel...
This compilation-cd, a co-production of Rund um den Watzmann
and the AVE-festival, was released at the beginning of the
Audio Visual Experimental Festival 1993 (AVE-Festival) in Arnhem.

The festival covered film, video, performances, installations and music.
A variety of musicians was asked to compose pieces of music around the theme ‘break’.
The results were broadcasted by the local radio station during the daily break
of the festival between 18.00 and 20.00 o'clock.

Some of the contributions were brought together on this cd, bearing the title ‘tape a break’.
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Listen to track 02: Randy Greif - Thirteen Gates
Listen to track 04: Shlomo Arzti Orchestra - At V'ani
Listen to track 10: Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock - Scherzo / Erbrechspiel
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All audio tracks are excerpts in Mp3 format, mono, 22KHz, (sound quality is less than the original)