Rund um den Watzmann focusses on
extraordinary vinyl releases,
and to a lesser extent on CD releases.

The aim of these releases is to fully explore
the wide range of possibilities of especially the
LP format and the product packaging.

Each item is concentrated on a special theme
and is much a musical expression as it is
an artistic object.

Below is a listing of all releases.

When you click on the pictures additional information will be given,
including extra photos and Mp3-files for you to download.

Watzmann 001

VA - Rund um den Watzmann

Very limited D 89
Sold out

Watzmann 002

12" + large T-shirt
Legendary Pink Dots / Bee Queen - Der Aussiedler

<200> D 90 sold out

7" + medium T-shirt
Legendary Pink Dots / Bee Queen - Der Aussiedler

<200> D 90 sold out

Four years later the same item was released in a numbered edition
of 30 copies with a bonus MC including unreleased material by :
Edward Ka-spel, Bee Queen, Silverman, Brunnen & Kapotte Muziek.
It was released with a different handmade T-shirt signed by all
participants and had gimmicks included.

Watzmann 003
VA - Tape a Break (Aube, Randy Greif, Small Cruel Party, Krybdyr,
Shlomo Arzti Orchestra, Lab Rat, Mike Hovancsek, Andrew McKenzie,
Edward Ka-spel, If,Bwana, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstock)

Made in cooperation with the AVE-festival Arnhem

<600> NL 93
Sold out

Watzmann 004
100g anti-8"
To-Ja - Tatranske Oblatky

Eatable record in the flavours "cocos", "vanil" &"cacao".
Of each flavour 10 numbered copies

Slo 94
Sold out

Watzmann 005
12" object in cake box
Vegetarian Bavarian in Exile - Ja soa Schmarrn

Distorted volksmuzik by Elke Skelter (of Mimir),
each record has a 3-D miniature mountain
on the one-sided vinyl. PLAYABLE!!

<100/numbered> NL95
Sold out

Watzmann 006
Aube - Spiral Tricle Distillation

Moving-effect, picture-disc in silk-screened plastic cover

<500> NL 96
Sold out

Robert Deters & Mars F. Wellink - Harvest of Love

One-sided, yellow vinyl

Limited NL 97
Not available

Watzmann 007
Af Ursin - Korale

effect varnish aluminum cover

<222/numbered> NL 97
Sold out

Watzmann 008
Erwin Stache - Harmonie der nicht ganz reellen Töne

The cover is a musical instrument

<2000> NL 98

Watzmann 009
LP, film object in box
Felix Knoth - Die Pein vom Haupt entfernen

8 short films & musical pieces, simultaneously playable
on your record player

<500> NL 99
Sold out

Watzmann 010
Idea Fire Company - Crusaders

Packaged between 2 playable old metal-masters in recycled
cardboard envelope

<200/numbered> NL 98
Sold out

Watzmann 011
Sonic Catering Band / Michael Prime - Cold Turkey / Saturnalia

X-Mas style white vinyl single

<250> NL 99
Sold out

Watzmann 012
2 x 10"
Vance Orchestra - 78-45

Two recycled vintage shellac 78's
each with one side of new recorded music by Vance Orchestra

<100> NL 03

Watzmann related releases

DJ Turnum

Compilation remix of watzmann releases

Very Limited, NL 03

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